Spine Stretcher Back Pain Relieve

$ 24.80

  • Relax the back, sore cervical spine, classic magnetic therapy model has 18 massage points, choose the right one.
  • A good helper for office sedentary, work fatigue and soreness.
  • Can be used lying down, can also be used on sofas, office chairs, car seats, etc.
  • Super tough material, strong load-bearing, not afraid of damage, durable.
  • This orthosis can be adjusted in height and has three levels of adjustment to choose the height that suits you.


  • Multi-Level Design: 3 Different Stretching Archs that will exercise your back in a healthy way. Safely supporting the back, the ergonomic design features a spinal groove that cradles and protects the spine. Each side of the groove is lined with a raised, textured design providing gentle acupressure to relieve stress and tension along the spine.
  • Relieve Back Pain & Posture Correction:5 minutes twice a day of using this back stretcher is able to help relieve tension & Effective in treating pain from muscle spasms, pinched nerves, herniated discs, sciatica, degeneration, tight knots, excessive flexion, and more! The back stretcher and lumbar support are uniquely designed to help correct and improve posture.
  • Improves Flexibility: Stretching your back on a daily basis enables you to strengthen the muscles of your back. In this way, your body can then be better prepared to take in the stress of your profession or lifestyle.
  • Sturdy & Portable: Constructed with durable composite material, the back stretcher safely supports up to 440 pounds and folds flat for easy storage and portability. Ideal for use at home, at the office chair, at the gym, in the car, or yoga mat.
  • Perfect Gift: Treat yourself restoring the health of fatigued and tensioned muscle. Express your gratitude to your wife, husband, parents, friends, and teachers at Christmas, on a special day.

How to Use: 

1. Place the back stretcher on flat.

2. Slowly lie your back onto the arch with hands supporting.

3. Keep the back stretcher close to your lower back, mid-back, or upper back.

4. Align your spinal with the central foam pad of the spine corrector.

5. After stretching, gradually sit up and stay for 30 seconds before standing.

How Does It Work? 

When lying down on a back stretching device, gravity allows the front of your body to effortlessly stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine, relieving tension and pain. You’ll be amazed by how good you feel after just one use! As you get more advanced and flexible, you can adjust the curve on the arch to a more advanced setting, and in no time, you’ll be walking taller, and with more confidence as your posture will improve.

A multi-level back stretching device

Back stretcher device was designed to make your life more enjoyable through better back health. It is a convenient and easy-to-use treatment and preventative care product. Use your magic back support to stretch muscles and relieve back pain due to tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment.

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