KN95 / N95

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Particulate Filtration Efficiency: ≥95%
Tight Fit
Size: 155 * 105mm
Qty: 50pcs / box

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Both KF94 (Korea) and KN95 (China) are equivalent to N95 Mask (US)
Have a high particulate filtration rate of ≥95%
And they are tight-fitting

Ever wonder about the efficiency of N95 masks?

Check out this great video explaining the physics of how N95 filters particles.


KN95 Respirator 5 Layers Analysis:
1st Layer: 50g SSS Non-Woven Fabric
2nd Layer: 25g Meltblown Fabric 95+
3rd Layer: 25g Meltblown Fabric 95+
4th Layer: 100% ES Hot Air Cotton
5th Layer: 30g SSS Non-woven Fabric

Product Features
Approved KFDA(KF94)
Respiratory protection from yellow dust, non-fine dust, and infectious sources
Comfortable with ergonomic 3D design
Using a Quadratic High-Efficiency Correction Filter

How to wear
1. Check that the area in contact with the respiratory system is not contaminated.
2. Put the side of the nose side up and start from the jaw side to cover the nose and mouth completely.
3. Hang the hair tie to your ear and fix it.
4. Press the fingers of both hands so that the nose supports are close to the nose.
5. Wrap the entire mask with both hands and check for air leaks and adjust it so that it adheres to the face.

Do not wrap the respiratory tract with a towel, tissue, etc., and wear it on top of it.
Do not use the inside of the mask if it is contaminated.
Do not wash and use.
Do not heat the product.
Do not crush or modify the product.
Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 160 × 135 cm


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