50pc Alcohol Wipes 99.99% Effective Disinfection

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  • Product specifications:(180mm*150mm)*50PCS
  • Health license No.: YWXZZ(2018)No.0042
  • Product standard: GB/T27728
  • Health Standard: GB15979
  • Expiration date and production batch number: see the package label
  • Product grade: Qualified
  • Product shelf life: Two years


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This product contains alcohol, 99.99% effective disinfection.

Do not touch eyes, nose, eardrum, etc. directly. Do not let children touch them.

Main ingredients: non-woven fabric, RO pure water, compound quaternary ammonium salt content is 0.045%-0.055%(W/W),75%alcohol.
Usage: uncover the seal on the package, take out the wet towel, and directly wipe the surface of the object to be cleaned.
Scope of use: it is suitable for wiping the surface of projects, and can be used for cleaning and sterilization of household life, public places, etc.
Note: This product is insoluble in water. please do not put it into the toilet after use. Avoid direct contact with eyes or wounds.
It is recommended to wear gloves for long-term surface disinfection.
Please keep away from the fire.

After using this product for wiping and disinfecting, it will be completely volatilized and no residue after about 30 seconds.

Easy to use and carry – a single piece of independent packaging, just need to simply tear the package, you can use it to disinfect the wounds and instruments. A lot more than the traditional use of bottled alcohol, iodine plus cotton balls, cotton swabs, gauze, and tweezers!

1. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and wounds.
2. If you have an allergic condition, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor
3. Please put it in the trash after use, please don’t throw it into the toilet directly, so as not to be blocked
4. Children should use it under adult supervision.
5. Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and open flame

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